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ESTATE Vineyards

Watching over five estate vineyards within the Walla Walla Valley, each one representing a unique soil series, elevation, aspect, and micro-climate in this small area. Each of these differences bring something truly special to the final blend. We farm these sites with our own incredible team that is wholeheartedly focused on building balanced ecosystems through sustainable and regenerative farming practices. We take the same focus in executing sustainable efforts to better our people and our own communities and truly believe these practices unequivocally lead to producing better wines.

McQueen Estate

Our original estate vineyard, McQueen sits atop a ridgeline of fractured basalt at 1,440 feet in elevation. This was the first vineyard to be planted in the Sevein development on the Oregon side of the Walla Walla Valley AVA. McQueen is the absolute backbone of Doubleback. Because of the intense wind on the ridgeline where the vines are planted, in some cases, directly into fractured basalt, the resulting wines have pretty aromatics while supplying large tannins with incredible natural acid. These wines are unlike anything else in the valley.

Bob Healy Estate

The second vineyard that we have in the renowned Sevein Development, Bob Healy sits in the heart of the hill. It is one of our warmest vineyard sites, produces red fruit driven Cabernet Sauvignon, and incredible Malbec. Surrounded on all sides by tons of lavender plants, wildflower mixes, trees, and other biodiversity areas that we rotate, the site is absolutely gorgeous and a great representation of our commitment to sustainable agriculture.

LeFore Estate

Originally planted in the late 1990’s, this vineyard is on the eastern side of the Rocks District of Milton Freewater, a sub-AVA of the Walla Walla Valley. This area is completely underrated for Cabernet Sauvignon and has been a large piece of Doubleback since 2009, when we first started with this site. Wines from here are sexy, largely aromatic of dried herbs and tobacco, with lush and long tannins. Cabernet from here is a stunner on its own but also a perfect complement to our McQueen estate.

Flying B Estate

One of our most recent development in Walla Walla and the estate vineyard that surrounds our Doubleback winery. Flood sediments overlay river cobbles that stress the vines later in the growing season and sit from 990 to 1,015 feet in elevation. One of our favorite aspects of this vineyard is that it sees the highest temperatures of all of our estate sites, but also the lowest - enormous diurnal temperature swings that create truly unique wines. We absolutely love this site’s ability to balance out these warmer vintages that we are experiencing.

Schafer Estate

I grew up working at Leonetti’s Mill Creek Upland Vineyard and spent much of my early days in the wine industry in this area. Our newest estate is directly next to that vineyard, and I could not be happier about it after searching for years in this area for the right piece to become available. This is a pivotal piece for the beginning of Bledsoe|McDaniels in the Walla Walla Valley.

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