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The Team

For former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, founding a winery has been a longtime aspiration, allowing him to combine his passion for fine wine and the love of the Walla Walla Valley.

Drew Bledsoe

In 2008, Drew and his wife, Maura, launched Doubleback as an estate-focused winery with the goal to produce world-class cabernet sauvignon—the winery’s name a reference to his return back home.

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Josh McDaniels

Josh, CEO & Director of Winemaking, has been named a "Game Changer of Washington Wine", a "Washington Prodigy", and a "Top 40 Under 40 Tastemakers of America" from Wine Enthusiast magazine.

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Guy Vallerga


Kasie Harris

Director of DTC Sales & Strategy

Karissa Yarrington Croft

Marketing Director 

Stephanie Doyle

Sales & Hospitality Manager 

Brenna Carlile

Director of Distribution Sales & Events

Kathy Byrd

National Sales Manager

Joe Woolsey 

Associate Winemaker

CeeJay Harris

Assistant Winemaker

Joshua Roznowski


Ragan Schichtel

Vineyard Manager

Pedro Lara

Vineyard Crew Leader

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