“I am and will continue to be intrigued by many grape varietals and wine styles, and as such have created the Signature Series.”

– Drew Bledsoe

Wild West

Gallatin Valley, Montana • US Territory

Howling wind, driving snow and frigid temperatures were the setting that fateful winter evening as my great uncle, Robert Tillman Matthews, braved the Montana elements to save a young filly half buried and freezing to death in the snow. It was a dramatic rescue, but one that Uncle Tim would soon regret. Shortly after returning to the warmth of his barn, Uncle Tim found himself staring down the barrel of a gun, accused of horse thieving by the filly’s owner. A fight ensued and unfortunately Uncle Tim didn’t have a chance to explain his side of the story... he was shot and killed that cold night in his barn. Eventually the perpetrator was caught and brought to trial for murder. He spent his remaining days in the Deer Lodge Territorial Prison for gunning down Uncle Tim that cold winter night.

Sometimes doing the right thing leads one down an unexpected path of fate. We still believe in doing the right thing and this wine is dedicated to the memory of Great Uncle Robert Tillman Matthews – may he rest in peace.